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Slide Shows—On the Computer Screen

Although the TV is ideal for slide shows, many don't have the resolution of a good computer screen or the wide assortment of applications available on a computer. Although any slide show burned to a DVD can also be played back on a computer, there are many kinds of slide shows that don't travel the other way. Lets look at some of your choices.

Photo Sharing Sites

Photo sharing sites are clearly your easiest alternative. You just post your images on one of these sites and then you or your visitors click its slide show button to have the photos displayed one after another. There are some Web sites that will package your images into a Flash slide show that you can then post on any Web site including social sites such as MySpace.
One trend is for instant message and peer-to-peer photo sharing programs to let you give slide shows over the Internet right from your hard drive. These are discussed elsewhere in this book.

Animated GIFs

Animated GIF files are probably the simplest form of Web slide show. When viewed with a browser, the images play back right on the page at intervals specified by the creator. The show can be set so it ends when finished, or loops over and over. The viewer doesn't even have to click it to play it. It begins playing as soon as it loads. The ability to package a series of images together as an animated GIF file is integrated into many photo-editing programs and there are also specialized stand-alone programs developed specifically for this purpose. When using these programs, make all of the images identical in size, aspect ratio, and orientation before assembling them into an animated GIF.

Polished Shows

DVD shows that can be played on a TV can also be played on a computer provided it has a DVD drive and a program such as Windows Media Player, Mac's DVD Player, or RealPlayer. Also, the same programs that you use to create slide shows to be burned to DVDs can often output the show in other formats, almost all of which can be played back in a browser. Some formats create shows small enough to e-mail. Others create larger shows that can be posted on Web site or distributed on a CD.

When creating a slide show with Photoshop Elements, you organize images on a time line and can add text or narration. When finished you can output it in a number of formats, but need the Premier edition to create high quality DVDs.

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