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Photographing In Black & White

For years photographers in the fine arts, perhaps the best known being Ansel Adams, have taken black and white pictures almost exclusively. If you want to work in the same medium, some cameras let you shoot in black and white as well as color. This mode is also useful if the photograph is going to be printed in black and white. If your camera doesn’t have this mode, you can always make the conversion in your photo-editing program. This is probably a better way to do it because you’ll have both a color and a B&W version.

One great thing about using a camera that has a black & white mode is that when taking pictures, they are displayed on the monitor in that format. This makes it much easier to visualize the end result. A film photographer has to do this visualization in his or her head.

One of the masters of black & white photography was Ansel Adams, shown here discussing his books with Tim Hill of New York Graphic Society.

On some digital cameras you can add an infrared filter and shoot black and white infrared images.

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