A Short Course Book
Digital Desktop Studio Photography
The Complete Guide To Lighting and Photographing Small Objects with your Digital Camera

Chapter 1. The Camera in the Digital Desktop Studio

Studio photography is much like other forms of photography. There is nothing at all mysterious or difficult about it. In fact, there are many things about it that are easier than your normal photography. There is no wind and rain in the studio, the subjects don't blink and squirm, and when it comes to lighting, you get to play God. Because you can review your results immediately and there are no film costs, you can experiment until you get exactly the results you want. Costs can be surprisingly low. This is especially true if you already own a computer and digital camera.

In this part we explore the basic photographic concepts that apply to digital desktop studio photography. What you learn here will explain the camera settings you need to master and lay the foundation for all that comes. Most of what you need to know you can pick up quickly and easily by referring to the manual that came with your camera. If you are an experienced photographer, the only places where you may need help are white balance, histograms, and the tricks of photographing small objects from close up under artificial light. You should just jump in and see what happens. You can then fine-tune as you go along and gain experience.

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