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Displaying & Sharing
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Printers-portable and professional.
Digital Frames.
Portable storage and viewing.
Camera phones, some with GPS.
Geotagging images so they can be displayed on on-line maps.
Digital cameras are dramatically expanding the ways we can display and share the photos we take. In traditional film photography, displaying and sharing images usually meant framing prints to hang on the wall. But we rarely did even that. At best, we'd look at those 4 x 6 glossy prints once or twice a year (or decade maybe), promised ourselves that over the winter we'd do an annotated album, and then stuffed them all back in the drawer. The job just seemed too big. One of the most remembered events (should I say "dreaded") was when someone got out a slide projector and began to set up a screen. If someone asked us for a copy of a photo, we might or might not find the time and money to have one made and mailed to them. Those days are over.

Digital photography not only lets you shoot and share photos with no film costs, the ways you can instantly share and display them are only limited by your imagination. You might put together a slide show of your best images accompanied by music or narration. When finished you may e-mail your show to a friend, put it on the Web for all to see, or burn it to a DVD so you can play it on the TV in the family room, or even send it there wirelessly. You might have a photo laser-etched into granite tiles you use for flooring in an entrance way or fired onto a porcelain pendant. You can even publish your photos in printed or eBook form, or post them on a photo blog for all the world to see.

This book is a gateway to these and hundreds of other exciting possibilities. Whether you are using digital photography in business, as a hobby, or as a form of artistic expression, you'll find ideas about how to display and share your images. Most of them were impossible, more difficult, or more expensive in traditional photography.

This book is organized into three chapters:

Chapter 1 Displaying & Sharing Photos On-screen discusses ways to display and share electronic images that are viewed on the screen of a computer, TV, cell phone or other electronic device. Included are the latest hot topics—RSS and one of the most exciting areas that's just emerging—mapping your images so others can see where you took them. Imagine taking a road trip and then sending everyone a link that shows a map of your route with clickable markers that display photos taken at each location. Your friends can see the same scenes you saw, and know where you saw them.

Chapter 2 Displaying & Sharing Printed Photos discusses ways to display and share printed copies of your photos. These include not only traditional prints, but also printed photo books, albums, scrapbooks, and photo gifts and novelties. Web sites are springing up all over that provide you with free software you can use to layout and upload a book of your images. They then use high-quality color presses to print high-quality bound books just like those you find in bookstores.

Chapter 3 Beyond the Still Image takes you into areas where images have depth, width, animation, or other unusual characteristics such as landscape panoramas, 3D stereos, morphing, animations, video clips and even prints that appear to move. Includes night vision photography and even having your photos reproduced as oil paintings.

The things discussed in this book are what photography is all about-sharing the results and your enjoyment with others. I hope what you learn here gives

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