A Short Course Book
Displaying & Sharing
Your Digital Photos

Chapter 1. Displaying & Sharing Photos On-screen

Since photography was first invented, images have had a solid, concrete form. A photo had to be posted in a public place or physically passed from one person to another for people to see it. It was only with the invention of television that photos took an electronic form. But TV wasn't a way for photographers to share images because no one had a studio, transmitter, licence, or the other assorted paraphernalia needed. What's now bringing photography to the screen near you is its digital format. And there are lots of screens to display your pictures on, ranging from those on cell phones to computer screens, to digital frames and home theaters. There are also many ways to display images ranging from simple e-mail attachments to elaborate slide shows with professional transitions and background music or narration. No matter which screen you choose or how you distribute your images, it's easy to share your photos with others. In fact it's so easy to share pictures digitally, many people feel that the photo printing business is in for a sharp downturn. Photos will be everywhere, but on electronic devices, not on paper stuck in wallets and drawers. You may eventually print only the occasional photo, not the hundreds a year that you may now have printed.

Large, high definition TV screens are ideal platforms for displaying images and slide shows. As prices continue to fall these displays will become increasingly within reach and more widespread.

In this chapter we explore this exciting area in depth. You'll learn about e-mailing photos and exchanging them while instant messaging; see how to create and display slide shows; create photo ebooks; post photos on photo sharing sites, your own site and blogs; create screen savers, and map your photos.

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