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Making Prints—For Profit

If you photograph school, sports, wedding or community events, you can offload the hassle of printing photos for everybody who wants them. If money isn't an issue, just post photos on a regular photo sharing site and let everyone know the Web address where they can see the photos and order prints. The problem with this approach is that the only one who makes any money is the Web site where you post the images. To make some money from print sales, either for yourself or for your organization, you need a site that shares sales revenue with you. These sites work just like traditional photo-sharing sites, but the images they display are more like a professional photographer's proofs. When you upload an image, it's saved for printing but a smaller lowresolution image is displayed on the Web. This prevents people from downloading your high-res image and making their own high quality prints. Some services will also watermark your images with a word such as "PROOF" to discourage illegal copying even more. In addition, some services can prevent people from downloading your images by right-clicking them.

Visitors to the site can look through your proofs and choose those they want prints of just as they would at any photo sharing site. They can even have the images printed on t-shirts, coffee mugs and the like. You set the price of your prints, the service collects the money, fulfills the orders, and mails you a check. Your share of a transaction is normally the selling price you set minus the cost of the print plus a transaction fee.

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