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This site and many of our books use animations to explain photographic techniques and procedures. Click the button above to see one that demonstrates how an SLR works.
“A Short Course in Nikon D40x Photography” is an easy to understand guide to this popular 10.2 megapixel digital SLR.Click the cover to learn more.
“Displaying and Sharing Your Digital Photos” is the most comprehensive guide available to what to do with all of the digital photos you are taking. The book covers every conceivable application including printing photos, having bound hardcover books printed, geotagging images so you can map them, digital picture frames, and much,much more. Click the cover to learn more.
“The Textbook of Digital Photography” is the most comprehensive resource available on digital photography and is used in hundreds of schools and many camera company training programs. Click the cover to learn more.
“Digital Photography Workflow” is a publication based on the section of the same name on this site. It’s made available at low cost so you can download and read a well-formated copy away from the computer, or share with someone else.
“Sensors, Pixels and Image Sizes” is a guide to how pixels relate to screen and print sizes and colors. Based on the section of the same name on this site it’s made available as an inexpensive download so you can read a wellformated copy away from the computer, or give it to someone else.
This site is a virtual library of information on digital photography and its applications—especially capturing, displaying and sharing images. If you printed it all out, it would be well over 600 pages. The purpose of this page is to point you to the hot topics that are new or popular so you can jump right to them.

Book about your Camera?

We have just published a book on the Nikon D40x, but also have books on almost all Canon and Nikon digital SLRs. Check out these and other books in our on-line bookstore. Most are available as instant downloads. Click to jump

Help on Using the Site

The design of this site’s navigation is based on 10 years experience so it should be easy to use. Still, there are things about the site you way want to know that are spelled out in a 2-page PDF.
Click to download

Shoeboxes Full of Photos?

If you are at all like me you have drawers and shoeboxes full of prints and negatives taken in the film era. You’ll be amazed at how easy and inexpensive it is to add them to your collection of digital images by having them professionally scanned. Click to jump

Buying a Camera?

If you are about to buy a camera or wonder about the features on the one you have, check out “Curtin’s Guide to Digital Cameras and Other Photographic Equipment”. It describes the purpose of almost every available camera feature and also gives advice on what to look for in tripods, camera bags, digital picture frames, studio lights and much, much more. Click to jump

Learning How to Use your Camera?

Once you own a camera, and want to get serious about how to use it, our online book “Using Your Digital Camera” is a good place to start. It explains all of the things your camera manual neglected to mention. Click to jump

Organizing and Editing your Photos?

It doesn’t take long before you realize your photos can be both better to look at and easier to find if you use editing and image management software like the latest Aperture from Apple and Lightroom from Adobe. To learn how the pros organize their approach to digital photography check out our on-line guide to “Digital Photography Workflow”. Click to jump

Digital Picture Frames

One of the hottest products in digital photography is the digital picture frame. These frames using LCD screens, can show slide shows, video clips, and sounds. Click to jump

Geotagging Images for Maps

If you like getting into a new area while it’s still rough around the edges, but interesting to do and talk about, geotagging images may be for you. Using Google Earth or a GPS unit, you can add location information to images so they can be displayed on a map. Visitors can then view them over the Internet and see where each photo was taken. This is a great way to document a trip,open space, or neighborhood. Click to jump

Night Vision Photography

Not for everyone perhaps, this field is driven my law enforcement and military applications. However, if you can afford the equipment, it’s great to be able to photograph in almost total darkness.
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Lenticular Prints

Did you know you can hang prints on the wall that appear animated, to morph or in 3D? Click to jump

Stereo Photography

Stereo photography has been popular since the earliest days of photography and is now being explored by many digital photographers. Click to jump

Nature Blog

For a number of years I have kept a blog of my hikes and nature photos. Click to jump

My Nature Photography Equipment

I get many questions about what equipment I use. To answer those questions, I have put up a description you can read if interested. Click to jump

Photos for eBay or Brochures?

Check out our section on digital desktop photography to see how to get professional results on a small budget. Click to jump

Printed and Bound Photo Books

It’s now easy and relatively inexpensive to have your color photos published as a bound book much like the ones you see in the bookstores. All things considered, the results are amazing. Many on-line firms provide you with the software needed to lay out the book and upload it to their site for printing. These books are a great way to document weddings, trips, parties, or to just to show off your work. Click to jump.

Confused About Pixels and Image Sizes?

If you are confused about how pixels relate to the size of images on the screen and printouts, here is an on-line book that explains it all. Click to jump

Slow Sync Flash

Slow synch flash sounds technical but it isn’t, and it can make a huge difference in the quality of the photos you capture at night or in dark interiors where flash is needed. Click to jump

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