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Stereo Photography is your complete guide to viewing, sharing and capturing 3D photographs in the digital era.

Curtin's Guide to Digital Cameras and Other Photographic Equipment is a guide to choosing a digital camera and understanding its features. Includes coverage of camera bags, tripods, lighting equipment and much more.

Using Your Digital Camera clearly explains everything you need to know about using your camera's controls to capture great photos.

Displaying & Sharing Your Digital Photos discusses what digital photography is all about including printing your images as prints or books, displaying them on screen, and moving beyond the still image into exciting new areas.

Digital Photography Workflow covers everything from getting ready to take photos to storing, organizing, managing and editing your images.

Image Sensors, Pixels and Image Sizes describes key concepts such as resolution, aspect ratio and color depth that have a huge impact on your photographs.

Digital Desktop Lighting is a guide to low-cost tabletop photography equipment and the techniques used to photograph products and other small objects for eBay, Web sites, catalogs, ads and the like.

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